** ‘Tis the Season ** CAD Gingerbread House

Here at Swope Design Solutions we take on many interesting projects, large and small. Being the holiday season we thought it would be appropriate to share this one. One of our engineers was contacted by a friend asking if we could provide a pattern for a gingerbread house based on a picture and some base dimensions (length, width, and overall height) she provided. It sounded like a fun project so of course we said yes. The approach was to create a master CAD model consisting of all the panels needed to create the walls and roof… Read more »

CNC Upgrades

Since our move to San Francisco, we have been hard at work with many exciting projects for our clients.  We’ve finally taken a step back after a long hiatus in blogging and we’re thrilled to announce our CNC Machine upgrades! Here’s Jason Setting up the new system:  

Quick Change Fixturing

The first update is our new quick-change Base Plate.  This fixture consists of a ball lock system developed by Jergens that will accurately position our fixtures with a repeatability of ±0.0005″ or better in just 60 seconds.  Utilizing this system we are able to achieve incredibly fast, accurate,… Read more »

We Have Moved

We’ve MOVED into an exciting new location in San Francisco!

260 Shipley St. San Francisco, CA 94107

Please update your address books, accounting systems, and drones accordingly.

New Laser Welder up and Running

Our new 60W LaserStar Welder is up and running!  We can now offer quick turnaround on very intricate part joining for all types of small metal assemblies.  For those of us who do a lot of small part design, these welders are an absolute game changer! Let us know if we can help you with your small metal assemblies!