CNC Upgrades

Since our move to San Francisco, we have been hard at work with many exciting projects for our clients.  We’ve finally taken a step back after a long hiatus in blogging and we’re thrilled to announce our CNC Machine upgrades!

Here’s Jason Setting up the new system:



Quick Change Fixturing


The first update is our new quick-change Base Plate.  This fixture consists of a ball lock system developed by Jergens that will accurately position our fixtures with a repeatability of ±0.0005″ or better in just 60 seconds.  Utilizing this system we are able to achieve incredibly fast, accurate, and precise mounting of our fixtures.  This capability gives us incredible flexibility in our CNC operations when juggling multiple projects with tight timelines.



Wireless Intuitive Probing System

The second is equally, if not more, exciting! We installed a Wireless Intuitive Probing System (WIPS) for our HAAS CNC from Renishaw.

WIPS comes in three main components:

  1. OTS Tool Setter: Performs rapid tool diameter and length measurements.
  2. OMP Inspection Probe: Performs automated on-machine measurements of component position, alignment, and multi-axis features.
  3. Wireless OMI Sensor: Optical sensor allows wireless communication between the tool setter, inspection probe and CNC.

With this cutting-edge technology we will be able to quickly and precisely calculate and account for wear on tool diameters and check complex geometries while the parts are still loaded in the machine. Come see us for your next small-batch production!

…more exciting shop upgrades coming soon.