** ‘Tis the Season ** CAD Gingerbread House


Here at Swope Design Solutions we take on many interesting projects, large and small. Being the holiday season we thought it would be appropriate to share this one. One of our engineers was contacted by a friend asking if we could provide a pattern for a gingerbread house based on a picture and some base dimensions (length, width, and overall height) she provided. It sounded like a fun project so of course we said yes. The approach was to create a master CAD model consisting of all the panels needed to create the walls and roof of the house, convert that model to an assembly and then a multi-sheet drawing based on that assembly. The final step in creating the pattern was to export the drawing to a PDF document so the sheets could be printed and used as templates for cutting out the gingerbread parts for the construction of the house (yes, this friend actually starts from scratch when she does her amazing creations).

Note: improvisation allowed (hint: extra window in the upper front of the house)

PDF File Here